Learn How to Start Making Music in Ableton With Space Jump Salute!

If you’ve never opened Ableton before or you’re struggling to make music using this popular DAW, this FREE introductory course is for you.

In just 60 minutes, Space Jump Salute will guide you through Ableton's layout, the main features and tools available to you, and will show you how to start putting your first track together.


Start Writing Music in 60 Minutes

We asked tech-house maestro Space Jump Salute to go against the clock and guide you through your first 60 minutes of using one of the most popular DAWs, Ableton Live.

Meet Your Guide: Space Jump Salute

With releases on Glasgow Underground, Toolroom, Armada and LoveJuice, Space Jump Salute is a producer whose big, club-ready tech-house sound is hitting the right spot for tastemakers like Jamie Jones, Annie Mac, Solardo and Danny Howard.

What Mixtank Customers Are Saying About Space Jump Salute's Course

Thank you so much for this amazing course!

<p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" >Navaz Merchant</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">R.e My First Hour</span></p>

Navaz Merchant

R.e My First Hour

So much fun to watch and learn from you in a easy going way!

<p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" >Hendrik Van der Ven</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">R.e Space Jump Salute</span></p>

Hendrik Van der Ven

R.e Space Jump Salute

This is exactly what I needed to help me improve, big ups!

<p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" >Sematic</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">R.e Mixtank Courses</span></p>


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What Will You Learn From This Free Course?

Where Ableton's key features are located and how to use them

The unique workflow of Ableton Live's features

How to utilise Ableton's Library to quickly find plugin and samples

How to use and automate effects sends and returns

How to use Ableton's stock Reverb & Delay plugins

How to record sounds and use MIDI to start writing tracks quickly

How to manipulate and warp audio samples


It's Time To Launch Your Music Production Career!

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