Mixtank x Captain Plugins
Finish the Track

We've teamed up with Captain Plugins to offer you a unique opportunity to put your creativity to the test, get your music reviewed by pro producers, and win some amazing prizes that will help you level-up in the studio.

All you need to do is:

  1. Watch the Captain Plugins Toolbox Tutorial on mixtank.tv

  2. Download the parts attached to the tutorial

  3. Finish the track using your favourite DAW

  4. Submit your masterpiece

That's it!


Step 1: Watch The Tutorial

Captain Plugins is an incredible suite of tools that helps you write complex chords, melodies, basslines and drums in seconds, meaning you can focus on the fun parts of producing: being creative and turning ideas into finished tracks faster than ever before.

We've recorded a free Toolbox tutorial to show you how Captain Plugins works, and how we made the parts you're going to be using.

Step 2: Download The Parts

We want you to take the parts that we created in the masterclass and turn those ideas into a finished track that fits your own personal style.

In the pack, you’ll find everything you need to get started straight away:

  • Chords

  • Drums

  • Bassline

  • Melody

You can download the parts by logging into your Mixtank account and clicking on the 'RESOURCES' tab of the Captain Plugins Toolbox tutorial.

Step 3: Get Creative

You don't need to waste time trying to find a sample or create a kick drum from scratch. We've created everything you need to get started straight away.

You can use all the parts or just a small selection if you prefer, but the more creative you are, the better!

Use any DAW and as long as the track fits into the electronic music spectrum somewhere, turn it into any genre you want. 

Step 4: Submit Your Track

Once you're happy with the track, submit it via our Demo Box before WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 3rd - you'll find the link in the PDF attached to the Toolbox tutorial under the RESOURCES tab.

The best ones will make it through to the live A&R session where they'll be reviewed by some very special guests.

Good luck!


First Prize

  • Entire Mixtank back catalogue ($900+ value)

  • Captain Plugins ‘Complete Collection’

  • A 1-on-1 engineering session with Mixtank’s in-house engineer, Alex, to further develop the winning entry

  • Professional mix and master of the winning entry via Label Worx

Runner-Up Prizes

Competition Rules

  • The track you submit must be a genre of Dance/Electronic Music e.g. House, Drum & Bass, Techno

  • One or more of the stems provided must be used in some way in your submitted track - either in part in their entiretyThe track you submit must not include any samples that are NOT royalty free. This means you must not sample from other songs or YouTube, for example.

  • You must not send your track to any other record label

  • The stems provided are not for commercial use and must not be used in any other production. These stems are owned exclusively by Mixtank for the sole purpose of this competition.

  • Files must be submitted to our demobox as MP3 or private Soundcloud link only. Public Soundcloud links will not be considered.

  • Mixtank will review the submissions internally and select a number of finalists to be critiqued in a live A&R session

  • The winning track will be picked during the live session.

  • Final Submission date for your demo is Wednesday November 3rd 2021